Responsive Visibility.

Display content based on the current layout

Resize the Browser window and see the magic happen.

With our [visibility] Shortcode you can display different contents for the different devices seperatly. Just resize the Browser window and see different messages depending on the screensize.

This Message will only show up in – Desktop mode.
This Message will only show up in – Tablet mode.
This Message will only show up in – Mobile Landscape mode.
This Message will only show up in – Mobile Portrait mode.

Get The Code

[visibility show="desktop"]
     Your Content Desktop

[visibility show="tablet"]
     Your Content Tablet

[visibility show="mobile-landscape"]
     Your Content Mobile Landscape

[visibility show="mobile-portrait"]
     Your Content Mobile Portrait

Customization Options / Features

  • Use any Content you want inside the sections
  • Use whole Content Parts & Images for different devices
  • show – desktop, tablet, mobile-landscape, mobile-portrait

Toggle Infobar

This Infobar can be switched on or off. You can add widgets, just enter a short tagline or even fill it with your custom HTML Code. Grab attention to upcoming events, downloads or products.

Add Any Widgets in this Area

Choose between 1, 2, 3 or even 4 columns in this area. Add your widgets in here, whether it is a language switcher, a login form to your members area or a shopping cart widget. You can even add shortcodes. Nice!
Style Switcher
Layout Style
Patterns for Boxed Version
Images for Boxed Version
The Styling Options in this Preview show only a minimum of the tons of Customization Options available in the actual Backend of Inovado.